What's your favorite protein RTD?

  1. What's your favorite protein RTD?

    Like most of you, I make most of my own protein drinks by putting water and protein powder in a shaker and mixing it up. This is fine most of the time, but once in a while, I like just opening a container and drinking something that is already made (like first thing in the morning).

    What's your favorite?

    I realize that "favorite" is a relative word, because it can mean taste, nutrition, cost, etc. However, I am sure there are a few brands that are much better than the rest.

    What do you prefer and why?

  2. I don't usually buy them,but if I get stuck out or I'm busy and have to I'll get a muscle milk from the gas station and they taste pretty good.Would never buy the powder tho.
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  3. If I have to, RTD 51 from the gym. The frosty chocolate is pretty damn good.

  4. Protein bar.
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  5. RTD 51 peanut butter when I can get them at cost.

    I cant just drink protein from a shaker cup or water, need a blender and milk..

  6. Quote Originally Posted by actionhero View Post

    I cant just drink protein from a shaker cup or water, need a blender and milk..
    I hear ya - that's why I'm looking for some other easy alternatives!

  7. Low(er) cal Oh Yeah
    Mid Monster Milk
    High Cytogainer

    All due to taste as I only do RTD's here and there.
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