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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Distilled Water

    No need for anymore, you've got it all covered!

    I'd say the majority of you carbs pre & post. I do mine Pre/intra (I drink all mine ) or post workout. If you're carb sensative and not doing a ton of volume then I'd go all post, maybe in 2 meals within a few hours of finishing you're workout.
    I like my carbs post workout. If I do pre it's like 20-30g that's it and 1-2 hours before.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by EBF Inc View Post
    I like my carbs post workout. If I do pre it's like 20-30g that's it and 1-2 hours before.
    I did 25gr WMS with whey today 1hr before and had HUUUUGE pumps and strength, sipped on some more during. Im going to keep up with this
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  3. Usually my last sets ( I only do 3) I get about 8-10 reps. All depends on the day ya know? I like to do different exercises each week, just to keep it different and to keep the muscles guessing.... I had a huge back/ bicep workout today. My biceps were so fatigued when I got to the bicep part... :/

    Anyways, I usually get to the gym around 6-7ish... And basically the only carbs I take in after the workout is 1 scoop of vitargo (35g carbs) and that's it... Before the workout I probably get anywhere from 100-125g of carbs... You think I shluld play around with those numbers?


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