Test Powder and erase, for the young

  1. Test Powder and erase, for the young

    So here are my stats :
    18 years old
    11-12% bf
    Ive been training for 3 years in total, only two of those 3 years i got totally dedicated.

    So here is the question do you guys think it would be worth it doing a run of test powder and erase? I hear that as the *young* we have high test already. But ive seen some guys on this forum geting good gains from the stack. Please chip in if you think i should run it or skip it. Thanks!!

  2. Probably no reason for an 18 year old to do it (although its a good stack if you want to feel 18 again!)
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  3. ^^^ This
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  4. Thanks, thats what i was thinking!

  5. better to invest the money in a few more pounds of steak and chicken at your age

  6. Could use some mcc, anabeta, pwo of choice... Stuff like that... Make all kinds of gains
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    Coach AB @ BossBody.net

  7. ^what the big guy said

    plenty of other alternatives for you
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  8. I would highly recommend AP (anabolic pump).

    you want to maximize the natural hormonal environment you have at 18, as well as maximize on your nutrition...which is where AP comes into play. it will help deliver the carbs and protein you consume to muscle cells, and get the growth process pumping.


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