REM PM and Slin Sane before bed

  1. REM PM and Slin Sane before bed

    My main question is whether there is going to be any potential side effects of dosing both REM PM and Slin Sane immediately before bed?

    I have been taking the REM PM for a couple of weeks now, really enjoying how quickly it puts me out and have noticed an improvement in sleep quality. Up to this point I have been taking it with ZMK and a casein shake on training days (taking the ZMK an hour before the casein to avoid the calcium zinc interaction). I have been using the Slin Sane occasionally with my large meals when I feel that 1 cap of Anabeta is insufficient, and are am interested in adding an additional cap of Slin Sane pre-bed as everyone seems to rave about it's night time effects.

    Will there be any negative interactions between the REM PM and Slin Sane? Also, does the pre-bed slin sane have to be taken on a empty stomach ie before the casein shake or no shake at all?

  2. It's fine and can be taken whenever.

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