Adding Caffeine to Yohimburn

  1. Adding Caffeine to Yohimburn

    I bought some yohimburn awhile ago, before they added the DF version. Does anyone here know if adding some Caffeiene to this would be possible? I have a bunch of 200mg caffeiene capsules and was thinking I could pull apart a few of them, and add them to the yohimburn to lower any possible water retetion. I have talked to WYD about this and he was concerned about the fillers in the powder. Has anyone done this or have any suggestions?

  2. Im with WYD, but if you know exactly what youre doing, it could be done.


    Regards to LipoDerm, but will answer alot of your questions prolly (read whole thread).

  4. Thanks for the link! I am going to try filtering the caps before I add them.

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