Myostatin inhibitors?

  1. Myostatin inhibitors?

    Are there any? Do they work? An how well do they work?
    If so which are the best?

    Thanks guys

  2. I know mhp came out with an OTC one called myo-x. Never tried it though.

  3. I can't remember for 100% certainty but I'm pretty sure FRL has an oral ursolic acid that they are marketing for myostatin inhibition.

    I can't recall for sure all the studies I read about myostatin inhibition but I think I remember reading that ursolic acid does inhibit. Pop on over to the epharm portion of the supplement forum and ask Pat or Truthornothin for a 100% answer.

    Btw if you do go with ursolic acid go with epharm Patrick has that **** down

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