Finishing up a PH Cycle of AndroLean

  1. Finishing up a PH Cycle of AndroLean

    Looking for recommendation on what to take after it.

    I have on hand:
    Erase Pro
    Anabeta Elite
    Sustain Alpha
    DAA (synthetic supplements)

    Other things I will be taking:
    Orange Oximega
    Prostate Supplement
    Super Cissus
    Beta Alanine
    (and 2-4x a week PWO Mus Marinade)

    I was thinking AE, DAA and one of the AIs. Any thoughts appreciated.

  2. That sounds food bro, AL isn't really suppressive so the DAA, AE, and and AI should be fine.

    Have you taken AE before?
    My muscles are pharmaceutically enhanced.

  3. Are you taking for PCT for your AndroLean? If your going OTC, toco 8, Erase Pro, DAA would be my choice.

  4. i would do erase pro, DAA, ABE, and toco 8. ill be running something similar for my PCT for androbulk and andromass. ill be doing mass fx + original anabeta + erase pro + toco 8 + DAA
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  5. ^^^Any of the suggestions above although I would use SA followed by Erase Pro...make sure to add in the Toco it's essential in PCT


  6. AndroLean is gentle....very gentle on hpta and we are still up in the air as we have seen T boosting effects from one of our testers and will have another tester get his pct bloods back next week.

    I am thinking this stuff is barely suppressive or not at all given the dosing schedule



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