natty cycle coming up need info

  1. natty cycle coming up need info

    hi! 2 months ago i finished a 3month cycle of testforce 2, 8weeks of erase and alot of need2slin. i was verrry happy with the results and now going to do it again but have added something to the run, nothing big but just wanted to get input. ive been working out with maximize intense and hemavol and the pumps are just CRAZY!!! so i was gonna run testforce 2,erase,need2slin,maximize intense,hemavol,orange triad and was looking into adding GEAR cause my buddy told me its good stuff.i dont think ive understood what GEAR does so i wanna be 100% sure before i jump the gun. can GEAR be taken while taking hemavol or any of the other supps mentioned?any input would help thanks!

  2. The profile of gear is absolutely awful. You'd need about 25 caps to elicit any response. Your stack is fine as is. I'd just make sure you have the basics: creatine, beta-alanine, and even some extra ALCAR to dose alongside both TF2 and Need2slin

  3. thanks!

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