Raspberry ketones for weight loss

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  1. Coop, I was reading a little bit about Raspberry Ketones on bb.com. Some guy posted this link,


    I'm not sure what the guy was trying to say by posting that study. I'm not so bright when it comes to reading studies.

  2. Wait so is raspberry ketones a stimulant or not?

  3. It was testing androgen receptor activity, and stated raspberry ketones had the highest androgen receptor antagonist activity of the compounds tested.

    Meaning it was able to bind with the ar to some degree, but have no interaction with it.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by mr.cooper69 View Post
    Raspberry ketones at 1.5-2g a day seem to work extremely well for me at least, with respect to keeping fat gain at bay. A bolus of 1g seems to create a pretty powerful thermogenic effect as well, as I'll start sweating even in the chilly fall weather. Check out SNS RK-500 for a pretty solid bargain...complete with delicious raspberry burps!
    Good call. I have the same experience. I think it's a fair addition to a weight loss stack.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by 02sixxer View Post

    Good call. I have the same experience. I think it's a fair addition to a weight loss stack.
    Anytime you can add something cheap and natural it's a fair addition
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  6. I'm now taking 700mg three times a day on an empty stomach. Started today. Stacked with OxyEca(only took 1 cap today, but usually I take 1 in am and 1 5-6 hours later.

  7. Thought that was a little much myself, but I'm going by coops recommendation.


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