What to run during Gyno Reversal Cycle

  1. What to run during Gyno Reversal Cycle

    Going to be running Letro + Caber for few weeks but want to try and counter act the bad sides "loss of libido, dry joins, bad mood swings" haha been having a looking at hcgenerate but seems a bit pricey for what it is any recommendations?

  2. For libido try magnum by AX it really does work wonders. As far as combating the joint issues, any joint repair product will work at AX we make a product called Joint Restore which is more than simple glucosamine and comes with a double your money back guarantee...worth a shot!

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  3. Have you researched DHT as a protocol instead of letro/caber? Here is some more info on it, it is effective and none of the sides associated with the other.

  4. Good luck is all i would say. If u were smart.. u would save your money for surgery. You are going to do far more damage to your lipids with letro then u will to your gyno.
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