Muscle warfare

  1. Muscle warfare

    Hey all, new to this site and the forums but have been training for over a year now. When it comes to supps I stick with one company because of their reliability and amazing breakthrough products(USPlabs). Well I've recently come across muscle warfare and their products are really starting to catch my attention. Only problem is I can't find any reviews or much information on them. Can anyone here help me out...maybe some have tried them.

    Thanks Anthony

  2. you will quickly see i am a big fan of muscle warfare, especially their new range after the 1,3 dim ban they re did the whole range with branding and everything. I like my stronger pre workouts so always go for the mini gun, and i always recommend the thermofuse fat burner and the NMDA test boosters to people definitely in my top choices of products. Another big benefit of Muscle Warfare's new range is it is Athlete approved, so any tested athletes can use their stuff.

    Any questions on specific products just ask id be happy to advise

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