Have to get off stims for awhile.

  1. Have to get off stims for awhile.

    So I just need to get off stims for awhile for my health and I need to bulk and stims make me not as hungry. Any ideas for some energy in the gym that won't causes accelerated heart rate. I just don't have much energy and don't seem as strong without a pw.

  2. Hemavol or Ultima are good stim free preworkouts. Add some alcar if needed.
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  3. Caffeine free focus xt, ALCAR, and some tyrosine.
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  4. Hemavol + ALCAR ftw.
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  5. THIS!

    Works for me every time
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  6. AX Ultra Reps
    iForce Hemavol
    Omega Ultima
    SNS Focus XT - Caff. Free
    MAN Clout/BodyOctane

    Any of those options will do great for you
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  7. Son.. Just quit every supplement for a certain time

    You might suffer from heart palpilations, i do.. It almost feels like your about to die, thats your heart skipping ect. Think about, we slam retarded amounts of doses that we in no way need. You see, some of us preworkout W***** have an caffeine intake of in about 500mg which is enough to give you cardiovascular problems. Recommended doses of taurine 0.1g i dont know, but some slam 100g in a single day

    Meditation is healthy and can help you, meditate 24/7 and you will become crazy. You get my point

    The human body will and is always going to try to get back into homostatis, its kinda incridble! you **** up your own hormones products, but suddenly your body recovers by sleeping more "thats one of its ways" All those NOX, PUMP, RAVEBICEPS, DINOSAUR DYNAMITE ingridience that make them veins xpand like a level 1 pokermon that goes into level 2. Picachu, Raichu

    Thats just not how it works, body might get the effect some seconds but will fight it to get into homostatis. Increased bloodflow for now reason then what it just consumed is ****ing wierd? only happens when we do something with out bodies not what we intake

    Dont get me wrong, i aint all against supplements. All im saying is lay it back for a while, let your body detox, go eat cleaner, sleep better, let it regenerate and when you feel readdy you can go back on some thing but yet again not over doing it.

    = T2 - OEP - MEGABOMB - MEGAVOL - BLOODOLOID - RAVAGE - ANUSBURST some people consume tarded amounts of junk on this board they dont know show about the ingridience nor its effects on health.

  8. They be crying.... On supplement boards, manufactors, their friends, some even their mothers..

    This product suck, it makes me squirt water out of my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This product is the worst **** ever, tastes like ****!!!!!!!!!
    This product is ok, but i get stomach crabs im going to discontinue!!!!!!!!1
    Actually good flavour, but damn im not able to sleep at night
    Feel good in the gym, while i do my 1.5hours of "LIFE" but i crash after and can hardly do anything <-.-- IDIOT GET A LIFE
    Hey all, i just bought this new exciting products i dont know these ingridience but damn it works i feel like im boiling inside, im HOT this good?

    Hey its Malu from thailand guys, i just wanted to say Atomic bursts of Sh.. is doing all kinda of things for my gains, i feel vasculated, feel hotter, feel stronger, feel motivated, feel like my adrenaline is running trhough my veins, problem is i sometimes vomit right after taking it.. Also ive begun to feel lightheaded

    ^ Yow listen up bitch, seems like that ABOS has to much caffeine in it giving you heart palpilations... do YOU even have medical check on your heart, you might be born abit abnormal since we all Different! you might suffer from high bloodpressure, from LVH, from this or that.


  9. sheesh..
    I'm Back...

  10. Def what other have said.. hemavol is non-stim and will give you that muscular energy rather than mental which you are looking for. There is no way to achieve mental energy IMO without the stims unless you are a rookie because so far I have not been able to do it.
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