Homemade preworkout vs premade one

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    That looks pretty good. I like doing this:1g Agmatine9g Cit Malate3g Creatine2g Beta Alanine200mg caffeineThen for flavoring I would either dump in something I enjoy like a crystal light pack or mio. I like doing my own cause I can adjust according to my own needs and what I plan to do that day. However, I find that I become lazy and just end up getting the premade ones, often cause they work well (not as well but well enough). Now I usually do a combo. I'll doing something like Focus XT for my flavoring, nootropics, and caffeine, then I'll add in my cit malate, beta alanine, and agmatine. Me too, lazier but so much faster! Then you need to look into it to gain an understanding of why adrenal fatigue is often a myth and not likely what you're experiencing.
    I'm goin to the doctor today to talk to them about it but I'm slowly becoming more convinced that it's my food intake being insufficient.. I've been carb cycling and my off days I've been consume -200 below maintenance and +400 above on lifting days.. I think the problem is w/ the off days..I'm consuming <50g carbs and the rest being divided up between protein and fats.. Lifting days I shoot for 250-300 carbs so I don't think that's the cause..I'm going to try upping my off day cals and carbs to maintenance and 100-150 carbs and see where that gets me.. Bottom line, if its not stim adrenal fatigue, than I feel its inadequate nutrition.. The quality of my food is not an issue as its all unprocessed grain, lean protein and mono unsaturated fats..We'll see .

  2. 1g agmatine
    6-9g citmal (or 4g citrulline)
    2-4g LCLT
    10-20g BCAA

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    Hey guys I've been takin hemavol as my pwo of choice. I do love it but 40 bucks after shipping every month, in combination with my other supps, is getting expensive. I was wondering if a homemade pwo with agmatine as base pump ingredient would be just as good? Obviously I don't want 5,6,7 ingredients in it. No caffeine. I figured agmatine, Citrulline, GPLC. Or would just taking agmatine pwo be a good idea?
    I like home made

    1g ALCAR
    1g citrulline
    2-4g taurine
    3-5g creatine
    a multiV 1hr before
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    There is no reason to use cortisone. One cannot induce adrenal fatigue by using basic stims like caffeine, even at megadoses.
    One can not induce adrenal fatigue because the condition "adrenal fatigue" does not exist


    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  5. From another similar thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by muad33b View Post
    I do a homebrew that I love that consists of:

    1) 3 cap fulls of E-pharm Clearshot (so 3/4 of a full serving - unlike Truth, I'm sensitive to stims, I work out at night and this gives me a great clean focus without feeling all cracked out to the point where I need to booze it up when I get to home to sleep) which includes caffeine, DMMA and citrulline malate (I also have some bulk citrulline malate that I use if I need to take a break from stims)
    2) Controlled Labs Green Mag
    3) 1.6g bulk Beta Alanine
    4) 5g bulk AAKG (will be switching to bulk Agmatine when my supply runs out)
    5) 5g bulk Leucine

    And then after mixing all that up, I drop in some:

    6) Prototype Nutrition Effervescent Creatinol-O-Phosphate (COP) - (I can always tell if I forget to put this in, as it affects my endurance/fatigue, work capacity, and ability to reduce rest periods big time)

    And watch it fizz up like a science experiment...

  6. Quote Originally Posted by JudoJosh View Post
    One can not induce adrenal fatigue because the condition "adrenal fatigue" does not exist

    Agreed. If one does the research, it's clearly not a scientific term, but rather a marketing term.


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