Week 4 of PCT... What to buy?

  1. Week 4 of PCT... What to buy?

    Just finishing up Nolva. Been taking DAA and for the past 3 weeks, Erase.

    I like Erase, enough to consider using it up to 8 weeks. Would like to add DS Lean Xtreme but it's out of stock everyplace. Looked into MAN Nolvadren XT which looks like Erase plus Lean Xtreme.

    I'm also interested in DS Activate Xtreme as it seems to get good reviews and I tried it years ago and liked it.

    I see Prototype Nutrition has a 7-Spray that gets good reviews.

    From the supps I listed, which should I get?

  2. Can't go wrong with any of what you listed man. You also could look into Reduce XT if you can't get your hands on any Lean Xtreme.
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  3. 7 spray or reduce xt
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  4. Run tamox past 4 weeks IMO, at least 6. The last time I did a 4 week pct.. i look back at myself like an idiot. Stick with your daa and erase, no need to change it up. I run the same pct for 8-12 weeks without a change to recover.

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  5. Went with 7 Spray and Activate Xtreme.



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