I hope this makes me "Jacked"...

  1. Cool I hope this makes me "Jacked"...

    Hello! I'm testing yet another product, this time a blend by VNS called Jacked.. The ingredients are as follows:

    Creatine Ester
    DiArginine Malate
    Citrulline Malate

    The CEE is at 3100mg, the others are also at around 3g, only in a blend..

    So far, the pumps are good and last a long time.. The taste is like diet Crystal Light, not a strong lemonade, but there's a slight tang to it (CEE alone tastes rough)..

    I'm taking it either pre-workout or in the morning, then another dose after workout.. Each serving is 2 teaspoons in 12oz of water.. WARNING!! Use cold-ass water when you do! It tastes bad if not really cold, bearable but ewww!

    I'll update this as gains come, for now, here's my stats starting out:

    weight: 210
    BF%: 11.7
    I'll be on a bulk for the next year or so, **** a clean-bulk..

  2. good luck. that seems to have the most popular compounds stacked in it. hopefully designer's CEE blend will be similar.

  3. I'll be following this one.

    Questions: How long have you been on it yet and from which day on did you start seeing the effect?

  4. I started on Wednesday last week, and I'm only into it 4 days now.. I felt it really good by Friday.. I'm taking 2 servings a day, even on off days since that's the best way to use AAKG..

  5. Quote Originally Posted by bigpetefox
    I started on Wednesday last week, and I'm only into it 4 days now.. I felt it really good by Friday.. I'm taking 2 servings a day, even on off days since that's the best way to use AAKG..

    Why are you taking AAKG and diarginine malate??

  6. Quote Originally Posted by SJA
    Why are you taking AAKG and diarginine malate??
    They both happen to be in the same product, write VNS...

    Two levels of absorbsion, there's also Citrulline Malate which recycles itself and becomes Arginine.. Steady flow of NO2 all around..

  7. I was thinking about adding some CM to my Jacked when I started taking it. Do you think that you might do that?

  8. I'm gonna add creatine near the end of the run, so it should be interesting how these react..

  9. hey pete - looking forward to seeing how this works out.

    210 lbs DAMN, way to keep putting most of us to shame. And when did you ever clean bulk? Haven't you been keeping BK is business for years now?

    keep the news coming, later bro

  10. Kmac, we both know a "clean bulk" in my case is when I brush my teeth between Whoppers..

  11. don't forget to pick your teeth with the little crispy fries!!

    enough hijacking - let the results continue

  12. Any updates BigPete?

  13. Updates? Sure!

    So far, the pumps seem abit more lasting than regular AAKG did for me.. I'm not bloating, but I feel full all the time.. I've gotten used to the flavor, I make sure I get really cold water to mix with.. My lifts are pretty much the same, I'm not really trying to go higher on anything.. I take my first serving in the morning before breakfast, then my second PWO with a shake 15mins after..

    I really like this product, it covers all the bases with the new CEE/NO products, I probably gained some weight but then again I'm eating alot daily so that's a given.. I'll be taking this until I run out, so in another couple weeks I'll post any real changes (recovery, actual gains, if the pumps are still there)...

    If you can find it cheap, it's well worth it..

  14. Damn dude, are they giving you freebies?

  15. Quote Originally Posted by exnihilo
    Damn dude, are they giving you freebies?
    Nope, it's a fairly new product by a really new company, and I payed for it..

    Swole v2 didn't agree with my stomach, V12 did'nt do much, so this is something new on the nitric oxide/creatine ester type product with everything covered.. Just because I tell the truth about a product doesn't mean I'm gettin' anything free..

  16. Nah, I trust ya bro. I was just wondering if you had connections or something

    I'm pretty sold on the monohydrate at this point, if they come out with a creatine product that increases penis size I'm all down for that though, lol.

  17. Any more updates BigPete? I am getting mine in the mail tomorrow, and I am really anxious to hear how well it works.

  18. Take no prisoners Pete,go for the fukin gusto..I had similar results on swole and V-12.Ill be very interested your take on this...Good luck (ah luck is for Rabbits) Give it Hell man..

  19. I've been sick this week, just takin' things slow right now.. Still holdin' on to 204, I plan to add regular creatine to this next week.. I'll get a creatine mix with carbs and 10g creatine, mix it with my PWO Jacked serving.. It'll only be a once a day thing with regular monohydrate PWO, then my usual two servings of Jacked..

  20. Thanks for the review man

  21. Pete - how much longer until you finish this stuff?

  22. Not too long.. I'm still on 2 servings a day, one is with my pwo shake/creatine.. It seems to prolong the pump of regular creatine, I know that if I work arms they won't be pumped as much days later.. That's the effect I'm getting so far, I'll stick with it..


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