Mixing topical 7-keto with clen or yohimbine ?

  1. Mixing topical 7-keto with clen or yohimbine ?

    I bought a bottle of liquid formadrol off nutra and it came with a free bottle of 7-keto spray (underdosed but free nonetheless) that is supposedly site specific. I also happen to have half a bottle of clen sitting around and about 3 mgs of yohimbine hcl sitting around. Would anybody with transdermal knowledge know if the 7-keto spray would be a suitable carrier for either or both of these added to the 7-keto (in the correct ratios per serving of course)? The other ingredients in the 7 keto areisoproyl alcohol, propylene glycol, and oleic acid

  2. i want to try the very same thing..but have no evidence of anyone doing it yet or what a good dosage would be.
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  3. I went ahead and put 12ml into the 7 keto (should be 20mcg of clen per 6 spray dosing) just for ****s and giggles since ill never use the clen again due to the side effects. If this does work ill have to come up with a nifty name like clen-keto or something

  4. i recomend cleto
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  5. I think Matt Porter recently mentioned something about adding a small amount of liquid clen to a topical fat burner. This was the first I'd ever heard of it.



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