Best Time to take L-Dopa

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  1. I thought l dopa was good to for combatting
    on cycle prolactin

  2. Quote Originally Posted by wrathchild281 View Post
    I thought l dopa was good to for combatting on cycle prolactin
    It is. But I believe there are better options if extracted properly

  3. Can u elaborate? I'm starting lmg and dmz run tomorrow and will take inhibit p on cycle and pct. I have erase clomid and nolva on hand. Should i of picked up aromisin? And can I take 1 cap per day on cycle and 2 caps per day starting week 2 on pct or just 3/3/3/3? Thanks

  4. Quote Originally Posted by mr.cooper69
    L-dopa should not be taken with stimulants or pressors. This is common knowledge and actually studied in athletes. Don't do it again
    Thanks Mr. Coop )


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