Could Erase cause insomnia

  1. Could Erase cause insomnia

    Hi chaps,

    I started Erase four days ago and on the first night of taking it I couldn't sleep until around 5am. I missed the second day and slept well. I took it the third day and slept well and yesterday I took it again and struggled to sleep until around 1am. I don't know if it is Erase, because on the days I took it I did drink a coffee around 4-5pm. The coffee could be the cause, but can caffeine have an effect for so many hours after ingestion or could the Erase have excessively lowered my cortisol so that my body released adrenaline to maintain my blood sugar? I did feel quite intense hunger which I've never really felt before that late at night. I just wondered whether anyone at all may have had a similar experience.

  2. Hmmm havent heard any other reports similar
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  3. Never heard of it causing restlessness. Perhaps the first time was a fluke, and the second dosing you were expecting some sort of insomnia, and it caused a psychological bout of sleeplessness.
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  4. The only thing I can think of is that I took Anabolic Pump, TTA and phoshotidyl serine with my dose of Erase, which caused a drop in blood sugar and excessive cortisol suppression, which in turn caused a release of adrenaline to stabilise blood sugars. I will restart Erase tomorrow.

  5. any benifits to intake at night over morning? if not try it during day but first make sure the lack of sleep is in fact from erase. May very well not be

  6. When I took it I didnt have insomnia I actually slept better, that was probably cause of the Endosurge lol.


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