Sell me something. - Please! (Powerlifter/Athlete)

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    i'm sure at one point, Dustin would have appreciated this.
    now, it is a moot issue for him in regards to product, with the demise of 1,3.
    At the very least, perhaps it will drive interest in a reformulated version, and help to elevate the Betancourt name for their future as a brand.

    The order should be here tomorrow; living 6hrs from the NP HQ is always nice when it comes to shipping turn-around time.

    Had an awesome Deadlift workout yesterday and a short 3 mile run. - Today was Squats/Extentions, and I'll do my run tonight, as well as some calisthenics and the Sled.

    Tomorrow will be Bench Day, Chest accessory, run, and more calisthenics. Hopefully I'll have my goods prior to that session.

  2. I'll also be picking up Mark Bell's Maddog Sling-shot later this month. Can't wait!!


  3. Quote Originally Posted by antihero View Post
    The 501ct. Caffeine tabs has an even better price per serving. We also offer 1.2kg creatine mono for the best price on the market.
    I didn't even see. Must have missed them. - Next time.

  4. Currently where my torso is at. - When I actually do the log, I'll add all pics (legs, back, etc). Since I'm adding in a lot of running and calisthenics, I should make some big changes. Have no idea where I'll end up, but that's the excitement.


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  5. I'm a little late to the party, but if you want two supps that will combine to give you crazy endurance then check out Genomyx Protocol and AppNut Drive. There's a guy running a log on another forum and he has been stacking those two before running 10K's and competitive rowing (in addition to using them before he lifts) and he raves about the stack.



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