Could K-R-ALA potentiate Piracetam?

  1. Could K-R-ALA potentiate Piracetam?

    Just started a complete homebrew cycle (ill start a log soon, been so damn busy...). I capped up a sort of 'bootleg' version of Sledge's GlucophageXR, having been impressed with user reports. Each cap contains 200mg K-R-ALA, 200mg Quercetin, 100mg 1% Biotin and 100mg Taurine (as a filler). I dont expect it to work as well, but I love to homebrew so Im hoping to at least see some positive effects. I take 3 caps a day. Once after a big morning meal with plenty of carbs, once post workout, and another toward bed time after another big carb feed. (Im headed toward 5000 calories a day)

    Anyway, as part of my supplement stack Im taking 4g of Piracetam daily. Lately, Ive been getting some mild headaches. I never get headaches, but I know they can be a side effect of Piracetam use. Ive taken 7g a day without a problem - do you think its possible that the K-R-ALA blend is increasing the effects from the Piracetam?

    Ive also been starved of sleep these past couple days and mega-stressed at work, and I also quit caffeine cold turkey. So I guess those could play a role as well.

    Any thoughts?


  2. I'm guessing you may have answered this with a few possibilities:

    - piracetam can be known to cause headaches
    - lack of sleep
    - caffeine withdrawal

    get some sleep, readjust to no caffeine, and that's about all I can think of off the top of my head. Then you can tell if it's the piracetam

  3. Caffiene withdrawal gives me blinding, excrutiating headaches...but then I've been drinking coffee since I was 9.

  4. I guess it could be the caffeine withdrawl guys - its a headache that's more at the front of my head and the tops of my eyes. I did go from 5 cups a day down to I could be feeling the effects from that.

    Ive read about ALA increasing the effects of other drugs that effect the brain,so I was wondering if Piracetam could be a possibility. Maybe I should quit my job, get some sleep, and a drink a cup-o-joe and Ill find out for sure


  5. It's likely the caffeine withdrawl, and it could be the Pira with or withour K-rala potentiating it, one of the sides of excess Acetylcholine can be headaches, another is a stiff neck.
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  6. bump on the caffeine withdrawl. no doubt.

    some ginko/vinpocetine will help during the withdrawl phase.

  7. Just reduce the coffee by 1/2 cup per day. Why cold turkey? Too painful. I'm getting a headache thinking about it.

  8. Well - I went with 2g piracetam today and didnt get a headache at all. I actually started to feel it working today, too. Started getting groggy at work in the afternoon and a cup of coffee cleared that up. (damn that drug!)

    Ill go with 4g Piracetam tomorrow and see if a headache develops.


  9. I was also taking that 4g piracetam all at once, in an effort to 'kick start' the positive effects - maybe I should try and spread it out throughout the day.


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