PES Erase Pro w/ alternating DAA Qs?

  1. Question PES Erase Pro w/ alternating DAA Qs?

    I just finished my first 4 weeks of Erase Pro by PES. Ive seen some mild strength increases, fat loss, and more noticable cuts.

    I was advised to add DAA to my stack, so i ordered another 30 d ays supply of EP and now DAA. My question is, after my 8th week of EP, i have to take 4 weeks off.... should i continue taking my DAA during that down time?

    Week... Erase Pro... DAA
    1-4. ... ON. .... OFF
    5-8 ... ON. ... ON
    7-12 ... OFF. ... ON
    1-4. ... ON. .... OFF
    5-8. ....ON. ... ON
    7-12. ... OFF. ...ON

    And so on. Any reason that would be bad? Should i take time off and "reset" so the line up? Will this hinder my results?

    Sorry this looks like crap, trying to do it from my phone. Thanks guys!
    You are your own maker. Train dirty.

  2. Time on = time off for me. personally, if i ran anything for 8 weeks, i would take 4-8 weeks off then take EP + DAA for 4-8 weeks
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  3. personally i would just run the 2 simultaneously for 8 weeks, then take 4 weeks off, and repeat as you desire.
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  4. I would stack them for the second 4 weeks of your Erase Pro run, and then take a 4 week break from everything
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  5. Alright thanks guys!
    You are your own maker. Train dirty.

  6. With the DAA, should i take 3000mg at once, or throughout the day?
    You are your own maker. Train dirty.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by kdeome
    With the DAA, should i take 3000mg at once, or throughout the day?
    That doesnt matter..take it whenever.If what im taking is more than one pill i split doses through out the day..Breakfast,pre workout and before bed with a cottage cheese or greek yogurt.

    Usually DAA can be anywhere from 3-6 pills a day,from what i have and used. Dose it as you please.But takw it with food for better absorbtion.

  8. Weeks1-4 DAA ,standalone

    Weeka 5-12 DAA and Original Erase.

    then 2 months off to allow your body to get back norm.


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