supersize pre workout

  1. supersize pre workout

    Just ordered a tub for 17 bucks and hybrid n.o. powder for 20, heard mixed things but for that price why not give it a shot! Anyone try it?

  2. I have obviously tried it.
    I am not going to sit here as a rep and talk SuperSize up. We appreciate the support and look forward to hearing your feedback.
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  3. I heard good things! Really excited to give it a go might order some more AX stuff this week after pay day some awesome sales going on! Don't really get a lot of stuff in stores around here to try so I've been trying to find a new go to pre workout aside from assault because its the best I can go get in town

  4. SuperSize is a very nice pre work out.
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  5. Came in the mail today!! It was like Christmas. My neighbor works for the local mall located nutrition store abbreviated by three letters... New cellucore bcaas came in today!! Tried some samples and good lord its awesome and I rarely care about bcaa drinks but its got 750 mg of hica per scoop and its really good stuff. got a couple more of the spider shakers cups and some whey, and found some new Reebok real flex shoes in my size (14) so all in all... Good freaking day for the one eyed guy



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