New cellmass 2.0 what you guys think good of no?

  1. New cellmass 2.0 what you guys think good of no?

    Seems legit

    Serving Size1Scoop(9.7g)
    Servings Per Container50
    Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
    Calories 10
    Total Carbohydrate 1 <1%?
    Protein 2g 4%
    Calcium 20mg 2%
    Recovery Composite* **
    Whey Protein Hydrolysate, L-Glutamine, And Glutamine Peptides
    Myogenic Matrix* **
    Creatine Monohydrate, Creatine HCL (Con-Cret®) And Creatine Anhydrous
    Insulino Interfusion* **
    Taurine And Banaba Extract (Leaf) (18% Corosolic Acid) (GlucoHelp(TM))

  2. So they added protein to creatine. Nothing special here

  3. And this sell for how much?
    Email me for free prodigy samples
    [email protected]

  4. NO, just get basic mono, mcc, creapure
    Nutraceutical Innovations
    AMINDS15 - 15% code

  5. i wouldnt ever take it. just personal preference. cheaper/better options available....
    Performax Labs Product Specialist


  6. It's currently 38$

  7. NO..imo BSN is garbage

  8. What creating would you say is good quality was taking beast creature for a while

  9. MPHarm, Con-Crete

  10. Basic creatine creapure...Allmax,ON,CytoSport and Pro Labs all makes it..Good inexpensive and effective... You dont need some fancy designer creatine,you really dont.

  11. Dymatize 300g $10!!

  12. Just trying to compete with size on.


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