Who wants a review of a new product?! I got USPlabs Jack3d Micro!

  1. Thumbs up Who wants a review of a new product?! I got USPlabs Jack3d Micro!

    I am new to the bodybuilding scene and have only been at it about a year or so. I only learned about pre-workouts last December-January and since then I can't workout without them. I have tried several. I tried the old Labrada Supercharge, 1MR, Hyper-FX, hemavol and most recently white flood, which is the one I have been using for the longest period of time. However, I finally decided I wanted a change and after much research, I decided to purchase USP labs's new Jack3d Micro. I looked through the reviews, most seemed good, one person even said it was better than Craze, which I know nothing about, but from what he said it was good. I did some further investigation and found mixed reviews. Some said it was excellent, some said it was useless. Well after using it for 5 days in a row, here is my God's honest review of the product!

    Ratings: (1 scoop)

    Pump: 5/5
    Taste: 5/5
    Energy 3/5

    L Citrulline, Arginine Nitrate, Agmatine Sulfate, Grape Seed Extract (95% Proanthocyanidins) Extract (2247mg)
    Caffeine, Norcoclaurine Acid (Norcoline), 3,4 Dihydroxycinnamic Acid (182mg)
    Vitamin C 50mg (84%)

    Day 1:
    I finally got my tub of Jack3d Micro and I was shocked to see how small the package was. It was literally 3/4 of a cup, that's it, and there were supposed to be 40 servings. I thought, there is no way such a tiny amount of this stuff will do anything. Then i looked at the ingredients. Of course it was the dreaded proprietary blend. And the total amounts of the ingredients weren't any more promising; 2247mg of Citrulline and Agamatine, and nitrates and grape seed total?? There is not a chance in hell that will provide any effect on the body whatsoever I thought. But I decided, well, I spend $35 on this crap, I might as well try it. I drove to the gym and walked on the treadmill for about 25 minutes. After that I decided to down the preworkout and spend a few minutes in the sauna as I waited for it to kick in. First thing I noticed was the taste! Delicious, like kool aid. I thought ok, maybe its not all bad, I'll give it a chance. After spending about 15 minutes in the Sauna and walking for another 15 minutes it finally began to kick in. It was a very smooth energy, no jitters and no cracked out feeling, it was very subtle in coming on. By that time my workout partner had arrived and we decided to work out chest. After a little while I began to notice the pump! It actually caught me by surprise because I had no idea I would have that sort of reaction. At this point I had concluded that maybe this was a good purchase after all. Finally some time passed and I finished my workout. And decided again to hit the sauna for a few minutes. So chest pumped up, I walked into the sauna, put my headphones in and sat there quietly. But something wasn't quite right. I noticed myself getting abnormally horny for the setting that I was in! I thought that was rather odd, but I pretty much just ignored it. Finally I packed up my things and went home

    Day 2: I woke up the next morning after having a sort of bad sleep with a raging morning wood that just would not go away that was so relentless I had to have a fap. I thought that was odd, because I am a stomach sleeper and that doesn't happen that often, especially to that extent just as I'm waking up. Well, I went through my day and decided this time to go for an afternoon workout as opposed to an evening one. I drove to the gym, 1 scoop of Jack3d Micro in the shaker cup, and drove to the gym. I got to the gym, drank my pre-workout, went on the treadmill for a little while and then did an arm workout. This time I was really tired and I never really noticed the energy kicking in, but I worked out through it. I thought that was odd because there seems to be a modest amount of stims in it, but I thought, maybe I'm just having a bad day. So I did my workout, but there was a point when I didnt know if I could go any further. My muscles were so pumped up I was losing my range of motion. I thought maybe the workout was more intense than usual, but no, it wasn't, and yet I was getting one of the best pumps of my life!! Wow, this product was looking more and more promising by the minute! Well, finally my workout ended and I spent another period of time in the sauna before returning home. Finally I got home, and once again, I noticed the horniness kicking in. By that time I knew this product had something to do with it. That night I was talking to this girl online, and I was so "excited" that I started dirty talking the crap out of her and next thing I know she's responding that she's wet. Wow, I felt so alpha with this stuff, my entire attitude changed. Finally I went to bed.

    Day 3: I woke up in the morning, did what I needed to do, and finally in the evening, once again went to the gym. This was an interesting night because I could barely contain my very random, but constant boners, I kept having to hide them while I was working out. That was weird, that kind of thing has never happened at the gym before. I thought, ok, something crazy is going on. Anyway, I sort of took care of it and went back towards working out. Now I was working out hard, I was pretty much matching all my personal records that night, which happened to be back night. After my last rep of the first half of my workout something weird happened. Everything went white and I felt like passing out. Then my ears started ringing, I got dizzy, and my head felt like it was going to explode. I panicked a bit. Finally after drinking water and deep breathing didn't help, I called the nurse. However, I remembered that earlier that day, I had taken a diet pill that I got as a free sample from my local health food store and it in combination with the Jack3d had caused my blood pressure to go wacky. Moral of the story, you take this stuff, skip the fat burners. Anyway when I finally felt ok I finished up my workout, but my God, what a pump. Again, the pump, the pump, the pump!! I couldn't get enough of it, however, I could have done without the relentless horniness. I finished off my night in the sauna. Could not get rid of the horniness. I went home, ate my food, took care of business and went to bed. Could not sleep for the life of me. Finally after a solid dose of both benedryl and Kava, I eventually passed out.

    Day 4: Woke up early the next day because I had things to do, and I was pretty damn tired obviously. But I had a cup of coffee and went through my day. That night I was practically falling asleep, but I decided to go to the gym anyway. I took my pre workout, went, and got a solid shoulder workout done. Nice, heavy, kept up with my previous PRs. Not to mention a very nice pump going on! But once again, libido was off the f***ing charts, and it just kept getting worse and worse as the night went on. Finally I got home and went online, that girl was on there and I was so alpha feeling I just threw punch after punch of intense dirty talk at her. Mind you, the reason I mentioned this is because I am not a dirty talking kind of person. I have severe social anxiety and it takes a lot of effort for me to even talk to girls, or anyone by that matter, even online, nevermind in real life. I was just feeling so alpha from this stuff that I had been flirting with every girl I could find, in real life, and online. I mean X rated stuff that I wouldn't even say to a girl in my dreams. Just an idea of what this stuff is doing to me. I could barely sleep that night, I was so horny all damn night and I couldn't do anything about it at 4 AM or whatever it was. Anyway, I finally fell asleep after I took some Kava.

    Day 5: Slept all day. Awesome night sleep. Got a solid 9 hours which is a lot for me. Finally at night I went back to the gym. This time for forearms and abs. I started my workout, wasn't feeling a lot of energy from the stufff, but I was still keeping with all my previous PRs which I thought was good. However at about half way through my workout, the pump became so intense I could barely move my hand at all. It was literally skin splitting. And moderately painful, yes, PAINFUL. I had absolutely no range of motion and my forearms looked like popeye. I thought, oh my God, this stuff is TOO intense. I struggled to finish my workout because of the extreme discomfort, but somehow, I finally managed to get it done. Last but not least, I drank my protein shake, went in the sauna and went home. And once again, you guessed it, Horny as f***. Talked to the girl some more, and attempted to go to bed. Couldn't sleep, had some kava, couldn't sleep, had some magnesium, couldn't sleep. Finally gave up, have been awake ever since. Horniest I've ever been in my entire life. Can't even think about a figure of a girl without getting a hard on.

    Now before you get all alarmed about this interfering with your sleep, I need to mention that I am temporarily on 48 mg MethylPrednisolone for kidney issues and that might explain why I can't sleep.

    Final Verdict: A product unlike any other I've ever tried. Where's the energy? I don't know, its so smooth and subtle and comes on so gradually its difficult to know if it is even there. The pump, oh my God, all I can say!! Skin splitting! Absolutely skin splitting, and this is from 1 tiny scoop, imagine what two would do!! I couldn't even imagine. Taste? Couldn't get any better! Usually fruit punch is gross, but this fruit punch is delicious!! Other issues/side effects: Extreme, relentless horniness. Oh and I forgot to mention, twice in the last 5 days I had the best, most intense orgasms of my entire life. I would just say use this as a libido booster!! It's unbelievable!! Forget Viagra, or Me-36 or that crap, 3 hours after taking this is when the libido boost really hits, and it is intense as all get go!!!! Take Jack3d Micro, workout, shower, have sex, in that order!!! ALSO, NEVER, EVER, COMBINE THIS WITH DIET PILLS ON WORKOUT DAYS!!!!!!!

    Final score: I'm going to give it a 4 out of 5. The only reason I'm not giving it a 5 is because I am just not seeing the energy boost! It just needs more! If you want, use two scoops, I'm sure you'll have plenty of energy there! I will say definately start with 1 scoop for the first several days to assess your tolerance just because of the intense pumps and libido increase!!

    Anyway, hope you enjoyed my review, and yes I WOULD recommend this product!!

  2. THERE is no way in hell i would evee read that novel you wrote,lol..

    Although i am very interested in trying this..I like the caffeine stacked with arg,citr and agmatime.

    I just picked up 90 ct 200 caffeine pills and ordered in bulk,taurine ,citruline malate and agmatime along with LCLT pills.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Jay888999 View Post
    THERE is no way in hell i would evee read that novel you wrote,lol
    Ok, I'll give you an abbreviated review. Buy it, pumps are absolutely insane, tastes great, energy is not up to par though. A little side effect, you get horny as f*** while on it!! I only took 1 scoop.

    Rating 4/5, didn't give it a 5/5 because it is slightly lacking in stims

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Jay888999 View Post
    THERE is no way in hell i would evee read that novel you wrote,lol..

    Although i am very interested in trying this..I like the caffeine stacked with arg,citr and agmatime.

    I just picked up 90 ct 200 caffeine pills and ordered in bulk,taurine ,citruline malate and agmatime along with LCLT pills.
    If you take this product 1 scoop with 1 caffeine pill OR just 2 scoops and some Karbolic or Karbolyn you are golden!!!

  5. It can also be used as a libido booster, don't ask me how but its better than any libido booster pill or test booster I've ever taken



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