is herbal extracts instead of superdrol is the future for me?????

  1. Cool is herbal extracts instead of superdrol is the future for me?????

    I currently am at a crossroads. recently there was a ban on superdrol (2a,17aa, dimethyl 5a androstane) I was a distributor of this product. I am looking for a just as pharmalogically effective group of compunds that synergystically work together and powerfuly enough to cause supraphysiological results like a pro-anabolic but legal and safe product for the public that will not harm anyone and wont be banned eventually. I am very interested in making a product for myself and friends that are intersted in just paying cost not profit for somthing that can replicate my experinces in a product that can lower sex hormone binding globulin increase natural testosterone production to at least a average of 10-15mg a day in a avg male or a free test level of 250 pg/ml and at least 1000 total at the same time as lowering the activity of aromatase. I would like to use natural plant based extracts and compounds to achieve this. currently d-aspartic acid and tribulus terristes and DHEA are the current popular test bossting products on the market- these are not effective and can actually be counterproductive. DHEA can be seen is some men increasing estradiol levels and d aspartic acid can be used wrong and increase aromatase activity.

    I have already used a combination of hard to find plant extracts, indole 3 carbinol and mega doses of resveratrol and naringen to bring my levels to the values I mentioned earlier but I was taking lots of pills and drinking different teas and was going to asian grocers and ordering from all over the internet to find the herbs I needed.
    I want to condense this down to 1-3 pills and find out exactly the actual single-compounds was in the certain extracts that produced my high testosterone level results in the values i mentioned earlier i had 350 free actually and 1300 total with estro at 28.....i dont want super potent extracts. im done chasing that rainbow. i want the actual cocaine of the coca leaf chemical compounds.

    can PA help me??

    in the morning i was taking nettle root extract, longjack 100;10 extract ashwaghanda, asian ginseng, acai, Calamus (aracea), and at night Cardamom Elettaria cardamomum, muira pauma, kava kava, longjack 110;1 extract, ashwaghanda, fo-ti,bulbine, i3c 5 times a day, and took resveratrol 5 times a day.

    and i guess its worth mentioning. on this crazy herb cycle i felt very................hippy-ish and chilled . like my pothead days. sure i was taking kava but i mean it was like i wasnt yelling when crushing my pr's at the gym i was chilllllllllin

    i drank this all with grapefruit juice and or tea with grapefruit extract

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  5. I think everyone knows what SD is!

    This is anabolics beling in the "Anabolic" section.

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