Beaten and Sore with little time for recovery.

  1. Beaten and Sore with little time for recovery.

    I've tried several supplements over the last year. All promise to make you gain muscle, but most are expensive with no real result. Since my 2009 Mitral valve repair I'm a 5-day /week workout schedule with a 3-6 mile run every other day. I've been not making any real muscle gains and have been maintaining my 60 pound weight loss. For the past 6 months I've been doing a split workout of 6 sets of 6. I then decided to switch things up.

    I took a package loader job at UPS 4 hrs a day 5 days a week (In addition to my full-time job.) I'm just finishing my fourth week of hell week. Let's just say I know why they couldn't keep anyone in the position long. While it's a great back/core work out (some nights I literally cannot move when I leave there.) I still have to hit the gym on SAT and SUN to hit the muscles I'm not hitting when I'm lifting packages.

    What I'm looking for is something that will help me with increased strength and bulk me up a bit. This month I thought I'd try a cycle of Hica Max, Sustanon 250 (tablets) and Erase as well as Cyto Gainer for the Amino Acids. I'm on day 4 of the Sustanon 250 and Erase and on the 2nd week of the Cyto Gainer and Hica Max.

    Over the last year I've used Hard FX, *** Strength Vita Packs, Testo Freak, A-50, Anabol 5, and Elite Gourmet Casein Protein.

    The bottom line is I don't really want to spend more than $100-150 on supplements and have spent way more than that this month b/c I am trying to find something that will help me recover from the torturous non-stop 4 hour workouts I get every day. I'm looking for that magic combination that will put the muscle on and improve my strength so any input would be helpful.

    I'm open to trying samples and posting (if any suppliers read this)

  2. Sounds like your overall "workouts" are a bit too much. Cut back on your cardio and make sure you get enough sleep and nutrients. There is no magic pill.

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  3. I'm aware there is no "magic pill" I'm hoping to see what supps others use and what works. By the way I have cut the running to 1 day a week every other week to help with recovery time.

  4. Eat more, eat more protein. Recovery is based off food intake (especially protein) and sleep. If you're still in a caloric deficit, BCAA supplementation "may" help, but even that could be negligible. You've made no mention of your diet, but try increasing your protein intake. Shoot for 200g protein a day and see if that helps. Especially do that before buying a bunch of supplements marketed for recovery.

  5. Seems like you're overtraining, but SNS Citrulline Malate and Nutraplanet LCLT should help with soreness

  6. Thanks for the input everyone. Just so we're all clear I have cut way back on the gym. I am only going to the gym 2 days if that and running 1x every other week. I should say this is my first manual labor job as I mainly work a desk job for my primary job, so UPS is taking the place of going to the gym. I do see how you could think of it as overtraining as no one worksout that hard for 4 hours a day 5 days a week. I thought I was in reasonable shape before I started it, but I quickly came to find out just how out of shape I was. Now that I'm in my fourth week there the soreness is starting to go away (I believe b/c of the cytogainer), and I am just now finally starting to be able to do it and still be able to move at the end of the shift. I'd recommend anyone who wants to get in good shape try it. They went through 7 people who started and quit before I started, now I know why.

  7. My diet could probably use some overhaul. (Probably adding to the complexity is I am a selectetarian (I only eat white meats, fish and lean ground beef, I do not eat certain red meats.) I know I'm no where near 200g of protein. I'd say maybe 100g at most with 54% of that being a protein shake, and the remainder coming from eggs. Carbs are usually oatmeal and a sweet potato.


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