Need some appetite suppression at night

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by WARBIRDWS6
    I Don't Buy That B.S.

    Universal? lol
    Trenazone. when u were selling it.

    Quote Originally Posted by mr.cooper69

    Carb timing really isn't relevant to bodyfat %. I function better/am more alert on lower carbs throughout the day, perhaps due to the absence of insulin. You are falling prey to BS that has been pushed by uneducated meatheads from back in the day. Recent studies actually show that consuming most carbs in one sitting, pre-bed, reduces appetite and improves body composition in individuals who are cutting.

    It's a lot of carbs
    Agree Coop, IIRC I remember reading an article that said what you are saying recently.
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  2. I agree with people on saving it later. Also, easier to go to sleep satisfied.
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  3. Man I hope you guys are right. I love my big bowl of Raisin Brand right before bed. Sucks going to be hungry.


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