Amino Acids: The Breakdown

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    So, I'm sure all of you are starting to know me a little better and better daily, due to all my new threads and multiple questions. I'm very thankful for all of you guys helping me out this past month with all my confusions. Today, I came across the subject of Amino Acids. I heard that overdosing on Amino Acids is common for body builders/ weight lifters. So, is it true? Can you overdose on to much Amino Acid in-take? The reason I'm EXTREMELY curious about this topic, is because I'm actually interested in two different types of Amino Acid Supplements; Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy and Gaspari Aminolast. You may be curious as to why I want BOTH Supplements. The reason for this crazy, idiotic idea is.. Well, I love me some Amino Acids! Not really, I just want the extra 'boost' that ON Amino Energy offers, and I want the positive effects from Gaspari Aminolast. Please, help me out guys. You've done a hell of a job so far!

    Thanks for everything, DeCooper

  2. Not a single Search was given here...Overdosing them or dosing them indeed is quite unnecessary if your diet has proper Protein Levels.

    Overdosing simply comes from the wish of having more Leucine per dose, and if done for this you are better set up with Bulk Leucine at 5g post workout or pre-meal to help with protein synthesis.

    Again this is one of the discussions that always comes around here in AM...specially when talking effective Ratios, read the articles in the Supplement Science Section and also use the search button, everyone has different opinions in them but this remains true:

    -If you have sufficient protein in your diet, no need for BCAAs
    -Unless you are doing Intermittent Fasting then follow the above clause.
    -If doing intermittent fasting and going for over 12-16 hours of FASTING then go ahead and use them, it serves different purposes, again SEARCH is thy friend.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

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