My tendonitis pain is slowly going away

  1. My tendonitis pain is slowly going away

    This is really weird. I had this problem for close to 2 months now. It's inner elbow tendonitis which I think I acquired when I did close grip pull-ups. Even if I feel the pain, I still continue to workout because I don't want to miss any.

    However, I've been taking DAA and PES Erase religiously for a week now. Trust me, the pain is dying. Something is in this product that is healing it or masking it. Don't get me wrong though, I love it because the pain is almost gone. Was able to do 185 lbs incline press with the spot from my 12 and 11 yr old son. LOL! I've never reached 185 on incline though it was only 2 reps. I wish I had a real spotter so I can reach even at least 6-8 reps.

    Anyways, is there roids on this 2 products? Also, I am feeling some firmness or pump on my right shoulder and biceps. Is that normal?

    Again, I love the effect!

  2. Considering tendinitis is an overuse injury, I'd chalk it up exactly that: less overuse. Correlation =/= causation

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