LG SCiences M1D-Black & Form-x. And basic job drug testing

  1. Unhappy LG SCiences M1D-Black & Form-x. And basic job drug testing

    So I took a stack of LG Sciences M1D-Black 2 bottles (each 112 capsules) and I'm currently on on the my PCT Form-x (90 Capsules). I'm like 3 weeks in with Form-x, and I got hired at this job I've been wanting and I took a drug urine test. I never got a call about my results coming in so I called the clinic I went to and it turns out something came out in my urine!! I have NEVER done ILLEGAL drugs like Marijuana, Cocaine, Steroids etc. in my life!! So when I got told something came out I was extremely shocked! After tons and tons of researching if that would show and even EMAILING LG Sciences customer service and asking them if it would be a problem I was told and set my mind to that I had nothing to worry about. It isn't a sport or sport related job so Im very curious and concerned on why anything would come out. I'm thinking maybe my testosterone just came out a little higher than normal maybe? I dk :/ any advice you guys can gimme would be great! Thanks!

  2. No offense bud. But it does clearly state on the packaging (box) that it WILL make u fail a steroid test. Sorry that it happened tho. I didnt think it actually would. But thats wild that it did.

  3. i dont belive any job you get is going to test you for steroids. its likely they see there is something in the Form-x that is giving them a red flag but they have no actual idea what it is. dont worry about it. until they come back and say you failed do to methamphetamine or something like that.. remember there has been a legal pot debacle going on for a couple of yrs now so they likey see something strange and assume its something like some exotic bath salt. dont worry though there is a list of that stuff they will have to test it against and it will NOT match any of it. relax.
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