Anabeta Elite/AD-3 stack for recomp/lean bulk

  1. Anabeta Elite/AD-3 stack for recomp/lean bulk

    Hi Guys,

    First time poster but have read many of informative articles here. I've been considering going on a ph but haven't made that step yet so I wanted to try a natty cycle. I'm going for a recomp/lean bulk; I just started Anabeta Elite and Ad-3 and I'd like to get some advice on my program. I'm also using Oxyelite Pro for my therm. I'm 5'8 215 bf% is at 14% and lost over 100 pounds over the last 5 years (yes, i was really that huge). I lift weights about 4-5 days a week and do cardio 5 days a week. I want to achieve the best results possible but I'm a bit uncertain as to how many calories I should take in. Also, if anybody has done this stack please provide some feedback if possible. If there is anything else you would recommend me taking I would be welcome to trying something else. Thanks in advance and any feedback is greatly appreciated.

  2. Maybe add DAA as it is effective and cheap. For recomp diet you can search the forums for IF (intermittent fasting) and/or leangains. Carb/calorie cycling works well when separating aerobic and anaerobic days.

    I really liked AD-3 with DAA. I will be running nearly the same in 3 months or so (3 bottles anabeta, 2 bottles AD-3, DAA and alphamine).

    If you want to try something more on the side of PH's, I would suggest Dermacrine And/or an epiandrosterone product.

  3. Sorry I forgot to add I'm also taking Speed Xtreme as a preworkout so that'll have the DAA. Thanks for pointing me out to the forums.

    I'll do some research on those PHs...I actually have a bottle of P-MAG that I haven't used so that's what I was considering before deciding to go with the AE/AD3 route.

    Thanks for the quick feedback; I'm looking forward to seeing how this works out.

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