Pro-Halo (Hdrol) cycle

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    Pro-Halo (Hdrol) cycle

    Sorry guys another H-Drol thread!!!
    This will be my second PH cycle and i will be running Dragon Nutritions Pro-Halo at 50/75/75/75/75
    I am 23,*6" and weight 80KG / 176lbs, i would like to add a few pounds and lean up.
    My previous cycle was abit of a fail TBH i ran CEL H-Drol and nolvadex XT only in pct, needless to say i have learnt from that*cycle and have got alot more research under my belt!
    So im thinking my nect cycle will look a little something like this:
    Weeks 1-2 - Preload hawthorn
    Weeks 3-7 - Pro-Halo, CEL Cycle assist and Taurine (for the pumps)
    Weeks 8-11 - NOLVA and Chaparel Labs Manimal
    Am i missing anything?
    I know some people likle to add lean extreme, what is the benefit of this?
    Also would Manimal be a good choice of Test booster?
    Thanks in advance!

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    You will be told this is the qrong section,which it is.Anabolic sect is where it belongs.

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