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  1. True Nutrition Protein

    I'm getting ready to order 16 lbs. and spend over $100, so I just wanted to get some feedback on the best way to order the custom mix. My plan is to buy the high grade whey concentrate with sucralose and the Vanilla Cake Batter *or* watermelon flavor. I'm just wondering how these will taste and if it's a decent enough quality of protein. Any thoughts?

  2. I can't speak for their proteins, but I can tell you that whatever flavoring agents/mix they use for their so-called premium BCAAs are the most foul-tasting powder I've ever consumed. That being said, their service and shipping are fine, but they've got some balls to sell their garbage premium flavors at a dollar a pound.

  3. I tried their chocolate flavored protein a few years ago, it wasn't bad. I personally would opt for the free chocolate flavoring(double flavored) with sucralose. Their premium flavoring is too expensive for my taste. I would buy just a pound of any other flavored protein i wanted to try, just to be on the safe side

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