NOW Green Tea Extract Question?

  1. NOW Green Tea Extract Question?

    So i cant do caffeine pills cuz too much caffeine is ba for me cuz of meds i take. So i bought some now green tea. 4"0 mg 40 percent catcheins and 60 poly. Each pill has 16mg caffeine. Bottle says take 1 a day. CN i do 2 a day?

  2. Mine say (up to) 32mg caffeine per pill, same brand and product. weird. but you need to assess your tolerance for 1 pill, 2 pills, 3 pills so on and so forth. once you start seeing negative side effects after a few days at that dosage, you know you went too high and need to back it down to the previous level where you were OK with it. I know I stay away from stims, and I was taking 2 of these per day (64mg) and 2-3 zero cokes per day (about 100 and change mg) and I seemed fine.

  3. Haha damn 2-3 cokes a day!? So 2 would be ok?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by AmazingAJ View Post
    Haha damn 2-3 cokes a day!? So 2 would be ok?
    ZERO coke calories. just cancer causing artificial sweeteners like I said, try 2 and see how you feel. and then you can move up to more caps as long as it does not cause your heart to beat rapidly, or any other negative stim sides show up.

  5. The amino acid in green tea, L-Theonine, is more calming than the caffeine is stimulating.



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