craze vs geranium

  1. craze vs geranium

    huge fan of dmaa products,haven't tried craze yet but I'm looking for my next prewo stim. it seems they are both going bust so which one in your experience is better to stock up on and for how long does craze last you as most of the times on dmaa I used weed to go to sleep. how is your post wo appetite on craze? on dmaa I almost lose all appetite afyter wo and I used to take about 1/4 of my sachet dose with great results.looking for feedback from people who consider themselves very sensitive to stimulants

  2. Dmaa vs Craze. Hmmmm...craze takes the cake for stimulation. As for appetite suppression ....not hungry after my workout but I don't believe either of these should be used everyday. Jack3d had it right when they put it in a pre workout. Less effective as a weight loss drug in my opinion.
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  3. currently reading about ax supersize , anybody knows what's the key ingredient in there?

  4. Craze never affected my appetite, but then again no pre workout does. I freaking love Craze. I actually use it more to study. Very focused feeling.

    For workouts I use it stacked with Agmatine because it's not much of a pump pre workout.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by anabolicmuscles View Post
    currently reading about ax supersize , anybody knows what's the key ingredient in there?
    not sure about the key ingredient, but have been using it for a couple weeks at 2 scoops, great stuff! luecine nitrate pumps (also add 1g agmatine), long lasting energy...for me nearly comparable to 1,3 dim....have yet to try Craze though...still on my to try list...



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