Cholesterol levels in protein powders

  1. Question Cholesterol levels in protein powders

    Quickly skimming several diferent brands, I saw values from 13 to 40 mg per serving. I think they all claimed to be whey protein, so what would cause the swing in values? I'm curious because I'm trying to watch my cholesterol after my last blood tests while on PH's, and then shortly after PCT. 4 servings of the 40 mg variety uses up over half the recommended daily amount, not to mentino if you are trying to cut down. Are the differences due to differnet manufacturing methods or the quality of the powder? Or? Thanks.

  2. Whey concentrate has more cholesterol in it than whey isolate. I went ahead and deleted your duplicate thread in the nutrition forum. FYI there is no need for 2 of the same threads.

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