Picamilon Questions

  1. Picamilon Questions

    Hi, im new to this forum.
    I have a few questions about the Nootropic supplement called Picamilon.

    My main question/concern is if Picamilon has MAO Inhibitor properties, as numerous people are claiming around the internet, including on this forum ( i cant link it yet but search 'picamilon mao' its the last thread in the search results)

    Now, I don't really know anything about this except that when taking MAOI's you must watch your diet or risk hypertensive crisis and also that other drugs/supplements can cause problems when combining them with an maoi.

    My other question is regarding tolerance and usage of this supplement. I would like to start using this supplement regularly and was wondering what a good dosage would be and how often I can take it without creating issues with tolerance? I read somewhere that 5 days on, 2 days off works. But was wondering if anyone else has first hand experience with regular use. My reason for choosing this supplement is that it is similar to Phenibut which I have been taking on and off for a few months and really like the positive effects of it, but I realized tolerance builds fast so I cannot take it every day, or even more then 3 days a week without tolerance building and feeling the withdrawal effects from it.

    Any other useful information you can give me about this supplement would be appreciated.

  2. All I know about it is that its some kind of combination of gaba and niacin. And it takes some time to kick in

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