Goji berry

  1. Goji berry

    I'm looking to take some Goji berry for it's health benefits and bedroom benefits... There's a ton out there, what is better to take? There is the juice, the dried berries, and then the capsules. There's a few threads here, but no specific recommendations. Any brand recommendations? I'm in the US.

  2. If you'd read a topic with over 22,000 views in this Page 1 or 2 of this subforum you'd see few pages of replies dedicated to what Goji form and brand people are taking.

    Can't be more specific than that.

  3. I think in the whole 18 page thread, someone stated Doctor's Best and something else worked well, and another recommended a site to order from if you lived in the UK.

    Looking for a bit more information than that.

  4. It would be helpful if we could find a domestic source for the simply supplements UK-sourced product.

  5. I ordered the Doctor's best, got a decent deal online. Will have to see how the pills or caps work (whichever they are).



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