Beta Alanine or Agmatine

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  1. I would pick BA. Pumps are not as big a deal to me as performance is.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Jay888999

    Well busy season at my job is approaching..Point is wint be able to make gym til 6-7 at night most nights.Ill be exhausted from work,so i will need a NON STIM product!!! So im trying to put together some pwo stacks that will go for a few months..Thinking DPol,B.A,Alcar and creatine..not sure about Agm yet...
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  3. I found better results with using Agmatine solo or in a product such as iForce Hemavol. The tingles from BA never bothered me though, only got them a few times.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Jay888999 View Post
    If you can have just one of the two,which do you prefer?
    Depends. Agmatine has great overall benefits.

    For endurance aspect, BA is better but also depends on saturation which takes 4-6 weeks.

    Agmatine (750mg-1g) in the AM w/ breakfast gives me a sense of well-being as well as being full all day...
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  5. What's this "sense of well-being" you're talking about ?



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