Need new breakfast shake and Greens Powder

  1. Cool Need new breakfast shake and Greens Powder

    Was using the original Vega shake mix for.breakfast then they replaced it with the new Vega One which I don't like at all, can you guys suggest something similar that's good?? Also, what's a good Greens powder?? Make sure both these products are Soy Free.

  2. i use oxigreens and green supreme fusion, not sure about the soy
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  3. Controlled Labs Oximega Greens is awesome.
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  4. What about a shake?? Plant based if possible, like to change things up from animal proteins sometimes. Alternative to the old Vega shakes

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Clickster View Post
    Controlled Labs Oximega Greens is awesome.
    Agreed oximega greens is great. Were you looking for soy or hemp based protein shake?

  6. Anybody tried raw meal ? Really enjoyed that stuff

  7. Want something soy free, hemp is fine, or a blend of plant proteins is better. Have not tried Raw meal but I will look into it


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