WHats up hulks! I had to few questions but Galaxy's Emonster. I did some searching on this forum bout it and founds goods and bads. First of all I'm 24 years old 6' 1" and weigh right at 173, I work hard in the gym 6 days a week with a strict diet 4,100 calories with 7 meals a day. (High carb high protein). It's bert difficult for me to put on pounds, I get definition from the gym and some size but nothing really noticeable, I'm very tall and lean and was looking to get some mass,some wideness, some size not just lean muscle but size in general to get rid of the lanky look I have.

My roommates was told bout Emonster from a trainer at the gym. They also were using liver rx (I believe it what it was called blue pill took 2 a day i believe) after the Emonster was used they followed it up with another month cycle or something also.

After reading some other posts most people were 18 and trying Emonster and members thought it was a bad idea. Was wondering if 24 was ok? And what would be recommended to take before and after Emonster cycle. And yes I do plan to take the liver ex with it. Thank you all for your time and information to help me.