Extreme Supplementation: UA

  1. Extreme Supplementation: UA

    Supplementing the Extreme!
    by Derek Cornelius

    Question: I am a competitive cyclist and know several people at my gym who have had great success with a sodium usniate weight loss formulations. Both people have lost over 10 pounds in several weeks. The problem is that I have heard on the Internet that sodium usniate/usnic acid is toxic and deadly. Is there any truth to this or is it just a harmless rumor?

    Answer: Well, rumors are rarely harmless. They are usually infested with mistruths and lies that damage the person or thing towards which the rumor is directed. Unfortunately, the situation here is no different! Usnic acid and its derivatives have been ingested as part of the human diet for thousands of years and have been shown in studies to have a myriad of beneficial effects including immunostimulating, anti-bacterial, anti-carcinogenic (anti-cancer), and thermogenic. The only possible negative effect that I have come across in the literature is contact dermatitis associated with using usnic acid as a topical anti-bacterial agent. Amazingly, this has not prevented jealous competitors from outright lying and defaming this groundbreaking compound. Their obvious goal is to scare people away from any competing formula with an usnic acid derivative so that their company will obtain higher sales. Words such as poisonous and toxic are generously used as well as a plethora of cited studies, which they hope people will never read (thus exposing their lies). Let me give you an example of what I am talking about. A particular seedy website recently said that usnic acid was clastogenic and would increase your chances of getting cancer. They cited a particular reference to back up their claim. Is what they say true? If you decide to read this study, you will notice that to achieve clastogenicity, the researchers used dosages nearly 50 times the equivalent dosage that is being sold on the market. To conclude therefore that usnic acid is dangerous is like saying that sodium chloride (table salt) is dangerous because studies have shown that consuming 50 teaspoons per day is harmful to your health—this is ridiculous of course! In contrast, studies clearly show that usnic acid derivatives are potent anti-carcinogenic compounds with a high degree of safety. The worst someone might say about usnic acid is that it might cause allergic reactions in some people.

    I know you didn’t ask this question, but in terms of their efficacy, these usnic acid formulations are unsurpassed for their thermogenic properties. I have talked to many people who feel that usnic acid is the by far the most potent weight loss product on the market today.

  2. Ahhh...Didn't one of their products get pulled by the FDA that contained SU/UA? I believe they had some sort of lawsuit filed against them.

    Nonetheless, it is my belief that when used it moderation SU/UA is safe for human consumption.

  3. Indeed Sheesh... lipokinetix was pulled off the market because of a few cases of liver problems. They have yet to attribute the cause of it, but many speculate it was a synergistic effect from all the ingredients that led to the problem. I wish we had more details about the people, their diet, and the amount they were taking...

  4. I wonder if alot of the thermogenic effects/sides are more of a result of the combination of the ua/su and other fatburners you take with it?

    I have been doing heaps of reading on the popular BB boards and it seems pretty much everyone takes it with an ECA stack.

    I tried a bottle of SU (800mg a day) and took no other fatburners and found it had no negative/postive effect on me at all.
    But I know people that have had great results with it, but they also took an ECA.

  5. As you know, fat loss effects from any supplement are dependent on your diet and caloric intake. What sort of diet and training were you doing? As for eca and UA, yes, this is a very popular combo. It is a close substitute for lipokinetix, which many regarded as one of the most effective OTC fat loss products made. Clearly the boost in metabolism, combined with a product that forces your body to use a large amounts of fatty acids for energy would be a nice combo. I have yet to do much research on the combination of both and if there are any risk associated, but feedback has shown it to be effective and safe thus far.

  6. My diet was clean, and my cardio etc... had'nt changed as I did'nt find any drop in energy. But regardless of no weightloss I did'nt get any night sweats or lethargy, nothing at all which I thought was odd.


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