ECA and blood pressure

  1. ECA and blood pressure

    Hello AM. My normal blood pressure is decent, it's generally around 130/80. When I do an ephedrine and caffeine stack it does rise to about 140/90, which is on the borders of pre-hypertension, but not really dangerous, so I use fish oil instead of aspirin, since taking aspirin regularly can have its own problems.

    But anyway, I'm not here for myself, but rather for my friend. He's been overweight his whole life and just recently decided to get in shape. He's not obese, but he needs to lose probably 30-40 pounds. I was going to get him on the same EC stack i use to help him lose the fat, but we tested his blood pressure first and it was 150/83. The bottom number isn't too bad, but that top number worried me. Does he need to do the aspirin with his stack to make sure his BP doesn't rise much more than that, and how many mg should he take if he's doing the standard 25 mg E, 200 mg C 3 times daily?

  2. Have him:

    1. Taper up
    2. Take a baby aspirin daily

    Once side-effect-tolerance to EC has been achieved (prolonged use), a decrease in BP is actually noted.

  3. Typically the caffeine is the cause of the BP issues
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  4. If he just started working out, I wouldn't throw him on EC just yet. You can't just test someones blood pressure once, and draw any conclusions either though.

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  5. I would recommend starting on an exercise program first and once his body gets used to that he can add EC. A month of training and eating right will result in weight loss and probably lower his BP some. Adding exercise and EC right off the bat may exacerbate the issue otherwise.



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