GET B.I.G ! ! !

  1. GET B.I.G ! ! !

    Hey guys,
    its been a while since my last post but im back now and looking for the BEST! not some cheap ass **** either!

    You can call me all the names you want but I AM AFRAID OF NEEDLES!!! so...steroids are out of the question!
    now that thats out the way...

    What is the most recommended supplement(s) for some freakish gains??
    pro hormones? Test Boosters? Anabolic kits? WHAT?!?!?!


  2. Beefdrol will get you huge!!

  3. SteakAdrol is amazing for freakish gains.

  4. little insight?

  5. again..little insight?

  6. Well we don't know anything about your workout history or supplement history so you should never straight up ask about steroids, pro steroids, or pro hormones without any info.

  7. Don't need to know your history or anything about you. Eat more food if you want to get bigger.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone View Post
    Don't need to know your history or anything about you. Eat more food if you want to get bigger.
    That is really true cant get big without eating and the way he presented himself was...something but we don't really know the guy; he could be just a teenager or some guys with experience but doesn't know how to say it on forums...but either way yea just eat more

  9. Its been a LONG time since I posted on forgive me for breaking the thread rules lol....short and sweet history here ya go
    Now out of college, played college football and really slimmed down.
    did nothing but kinetic and powerlifting during those years..
    i have ran just about every major pre workout there has been (craze, supersize, super pump max, ultra reps, white flood v2 etc)
    i have ran one pro hormone (weak) within the last year....M1P
    the last stack i ran before football started and i had to clean up was Anabeta + Erase + BCAAs
    other then that, i ran finiflex G8 which wasent really anything but still did it, and i did HGH UP
    thats all i can remember for the moment on the "bigger" things
    Besides Anabeta, i ran Intimidate for 2 cycles
    From college i weighed 200 (+-) and now i slimmed down to 175
    I am focusing on body building right now but might throw in some power building later on.....just looking to put weight and size on fast


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