best pre workout with no artificials

  1. best pre workout with no artificials

    Not sure if anyone on here is into this at all but Im looking for a good pre workout drink with or w/out caffeine with no artificial colors/flavors. Ultima is awesome but kinda expensive. Hemavol isn't doing much for me. Any recommendations? thx

  2. Purus labs Condense

  3. checking it out, looks dope

  4. Probably DS Craze. Can't possibly be anything not natural about that!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by owlicks View Post
    Probably DS Craze. Can't possibly be anything not natural about that!
    LOL-good one!!!

  6. LOL DS Craze man that stuff was insane, Gave me the best pumps in the gym but out of the gym gave me the worst anxiety

    OP If you are just looking for a pre without 1,3 Dim then look no further then White Flood

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Amwdurant35
    Purus labs Condense
    It's new, no dyes, no 1,3, no creatine & 200mg of caffeine per scoop.

    Wish I could give ya some other options but off the top of my head I can't recall any right now that are free of dyes. Sure others will chime in or a google search can lead ya in the right direction.
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  8. How long have you been using hemavol? How do you take it? What are you not getting from it. Before you spend money on something new, while you still have some hemavol left, lets see if we can correct your issue, so you can at least enjoy the rest of the tub.

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  9. ConDense ftw!!! Insane vascularity and pumps? Check, smooth long lasting energy? Check.... Delicious flavors??? Check and check! Take a gander ;-)
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