Please Help Me Out.

  1. Question Please Help Me Out.

    One of my good friends is a dumb ass and decided to buy this stuff called anapolan max 50, which he told me is an hgh product. And to make it even worse he isnt taking anything else with it (no liver support, estrogen blockers, test, etc.). From what ive been readin on the internet this product is known to be very toxic to the liver, and is apparently a "legal" steroid. So my question is does anybody know anything about this product at all, or has heard about it, or even used it? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  2. The stuff appears to be junk. DHEA, some Tribulus, some Mucuna Pruriens, some Horney Goat Weed... and its friggin EXPENSIVE. Dont be worried about side effects, it aint going to do **** for you... I'd be seriously pissed (and embarrassed) that I got ripped off.

  3. yeah he will be fine, his wallet will be lighter, but serves him right for not researching. Hell I don't even take what my doctor tells me unless I have done research on my end.
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  4. Alright cool. Thanks guys i appreciate it

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