Dissolving Orange Triad in water?

  1. Dissolving Orange Triad in water?

    Recently broke my jaw in a motorcycle accident. With my jaw being wired shut, I can no longer take pills for the next 6 weeks. For the past week, I've been dissolving my Orange Triad in water and drinking throughout the day. Am I getting any benefit from this? I assume I am, since your stomach dissolves it to process it and stomach acid is way more harsh than water. Just wondering if maybe this is breaking down some of the vitamins and I'm not getting the full benefits.

  2. Probably better than nothing

  3. Damn.. hope you make a fast and full recovery!

  4. Sorry to hear I just lost a friend to a motorcycle accident but you should just man up and snort them like a beast haha or crush then add to water, those seem like tour only options

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