As a bodybuilder i am constanly keeping with up to date information on new supplements and how i can further maximize the quality of my body and how i can improve how aesthetic i am and what better quality macros and micros i intake. I recently have come across this new supp which is supposed to be Synthetic ATP cutting out the process in which creatine turns in to ATP in the cells and is 20 times more potent than creatine. I guess it was used or a very similar drug called Dynacleine was used on horses and they would inject it into the animal and these horses produced record breaking speed and broke records, i beleive it was in australia? but the bad thing about injecting it is it has a high potential to cause cardiac arrest. so this product was created to be bio-avaliable in a tab form which has a coating around it as to not have gastric acids destroy the product. reguardless of that story or these claims. What im wondering is if anyone out there has used this product and if so what kind of results did you get, how did you feel, what were you work outs like, ect. or any other input on this product would be greatly appreciated, thank you