Newbie to test and ph supplements

  1. Newbie to test and ph supplements

    Okay guys I'm new to the forum so be gentle. I am currently cutting I've come down from 315 to 250 in about 15 weeks and I'm 6'1". I finished my 4th week of ECA and had great results, actually everything about it was great the first two weeks i was taking 1bronkaid, 1caffeine, and 1baby aspirin 3x a day. Then the final two weeks i took 2bronkaid, 2caffeine, 1 baby aspirin. I would like to start a test or ph cycle in the next couple of weeks. Only supplements I have used recently have been pw's like craze and jack3d. I'm in the gym 4 to 5 times a week and do atleast 30 minutes of cardio a day. Any help would be great. Thanks alot. I know this subject can be very broad, but I'm mainly looking to put on lean muscle. My diet is clean and I am at a caloric deficit. I use the IF method and eat from 1300 hours to 1800 hours. Thanks again

  2. Wrong section. Questions on test or ph should be in the anabolic forums .
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by roblasane View Post
    Wrong section. Questions on test or ph should be in the anabolic forums .
    yeah this^^^ better answers in anabolics, but for straight cutting I'd say don't bother with the PH or AAS....plenty of natty stuff and gray area stuff that is legal and effective....although I tell you, a few times when I got fat from being sick or injured and consequently sedentary, I'd use test to drop the fat and get cut super fast. People were amazed at how quickly the fat dropped off of me, and of course it put on some decent muscle mass...

  4. I would not advise a test cycle, start with a mild pro-hormone cycle.

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