1. Kreakline

    anyone use it? advise reviews. my cousin told me about it and says its better than creatine mono.

  2. Never heard of it.

  3. Good god just get mono. Pretty sure there was an article on here couple weeks ago pretty much stated there was no real proof kre had any advantage over mono and in fact wasn't quite as good. Or go with a blend, had good results with muscle pharm creatine its great price, concrete alone is still to expensive IMO, muscletech just released their hcl creatine, I'm actually interested in a muscletech product... Never thought I'd say that

  4. 7/27 they posted an article about it. Sci fit I know was in a lawsuit against the people who made kre because supposedly they were just putting mono in caps after a certain date of production or some drama.

  5. thanks for the heads up. i knew you can't go wrong with mono!

  6. kre didnt do anything for me and as for mono it just gives me water weight. I think it is better to just get a pwo with creatine in it.


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